Mini baby bum

Was so happy to meet this beautiful couple – Konstantina and Dimos and they little baby boy on the way!  Konstantina not only having this magical glow on her face, she also has all the energy, flexibility and sparkle, which inspired me so much.

Today they are holding their baby boy in their hands and I wish them all the best from all my heart. Can’t wait to see all 3 of you soon. Konstantina&Dimos20160710_0014 Konstantina&Dimos20160710_0013 Konstantina&Dimos20160710_0007 Konstantina&Dimos20160710_0008 Konstantina&Dimos20160710_0006 Konstantina&Dimos20160710_0005Konstantina&Dimos20160710_0015Konstantina&Dimos20160710_0003